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Asterisk 13: chan_sip sip_write Can’t send 10 type frames with SIP write

Centos 7
Asterisk 13.1

Noticed a WARNING which filled Asterisk’s messages logfile:

To get rid of it, use bridge_softmix.so module instead of bride_simple.so.
Thanks to Lenar Daminov from our team for research.

UPD: https://community.asterisk.org/t/bridge-simple-and-bridge-softmix-difference/69193

jcolp, Asterisk developer:

The bridge_softmix module is more heavy weight as it gets data from each channel, transcodes it into signed linear, mixes it at an interval, and then sends it out. Even for 2 channel bridges it will do this. The bridge_simple module simply exchanges data back and forth without mixing. Frame type 10 is comfort noise which is not currently supported by Asterisk.