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AcmePacket: Reject calls from subscribers with hidden cell number

Depending on GSM operator the values in SIP headers may vary. In my case if a subscriber activated the ability to hide cell number, the ‘uri-user’ parameter in SIP-header ‘From’ contains not cell number but ‘anonymous’. I had a task to reject such calls.

There already were 2 header-rules – one doing storing of ‘To’ headers’ values with VoIP provider’s DIDs inside , and the second – manipulating the ‘From’ headers, according to the stored values.

If I added the 3rd header-rule (last in the list) trying to reject anonymous calls, it haven’t worked, so it was necessary to keep it on the top of header-rules. (the ‘move’ command doesn’t work for me, though I’ve read in one Oracle/AcmePacket HMR guide that it’s possible, maybe my firmware does not support it)

Here’s the rule itself:

		name                           rejectAnonymous
		header-name                    From
		action                         manipulate
		comparison-type                case-insensitive
		msg-type                       request
		methods                        INVITE
			name                           rejAnonymous
			parameter-name                 From
			type                           uri-user
			action                         reject
			match-val-type                 any
			comparison-type                case-insensitive
			match-value                    Anonymous

Have a look at these nice screenshots demonstrating the initial INVITE from anonymous:


… and rejecting this call by AcmePacket 4250 with ‘400 Bad Request’ response: