OpenSIPS: filter REGISTER requests based on username

Formerly we’ve learned how to restrict access with module based on source IP addresses. Today I’ll show how to restrict access to your OpenSIPS based on usernames, being registering.

loadmodule "" # no deps


if (is_method("REGISTER")) {
if(!allow_register("register")) {
sl_send_reply(403, "Forbidden by permissions");

“Deny all, but …” policy – we will allow registrations of explicitly defined usernames and drop anybody else.

register.deny file:


register.allow file:

# this allows lexus, lexus2, lexus3 to register
"^sip:lexus[23]?" : ALL

# regexp seems to be CORRECT, but for some reason lexus2 and lexus3 can not register
# "^sip:lexus[\d]?" : ALL

Have a look how it’s working! A good guy is being registered successfully:

good guy

While a bad guy had been kicked:

bad guy

Another solution using module from Pavel Eremin. The pros of this method is that it allows editing a txt file with usernames defined and reload module via MI interface (no restart needed).

And even one more from Răzvan Crainea.

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