OpenSIPS: batch dialogs killer one-liner

Situation: VoIP ISP server suddenly became unavailable and you have some thousands of dialogs like this:

dialog::  ID=17580696317398
	state:: 3
	user_flags:: 0
	timestart:: 1556697836
	datestart:: 2019-05-01 13:03:56
	timeout:: 1556701436
	dateout:: 2019-05-01 14:03:56
	callid:: 7EB7F3F9-6B1E11E9-90F3C2ED-81742C80@XX.YY.168.28
	from_uri:: sip:ZZZXXX7146@XX.YY.168.28
	to_uri:: sip:NNNN902290@XX.YY.169.130
	caller_tag:: 8999291C-450
	caller_contact:: sip:ZZZXXX7146@XX.YY.168.28:5060
	callee_cseq:: 0
	caller_route_set:: <sip:XX.YY.169.130;lr=on;ftag=8999291C-450;did=dff3.a92b;nat=yes>
	caller_bind_addr:: udp:EE.FF.116.74:5060
			callee_tag:: as3d7dee61
			callee_contact:: sip:abc@EE.FF.116.62:5060;transport=udp
			caller_cseq:: 101
			callee_bind_addr:: udp:EE.FF.116.74:5060

To kill them in some seconds (not to wait when OpenSIPS will terminate them according to SIP timers), do:

for i in `opensipsctl fifo dlg_list | grep callid | grep \@XX.YY.168.28 | awk '{print $2}'` ; do opensipsctl fifo dlg_end_dlg $i ; done

In fact, the situation was as follows: VoIP software on the ISP side (we have a DID from it connected to our OpenSIPS cluster) had some problems and they suddenly started sending us a bunch of unique INVITES (with different Call-IDs) for any certain inbound call.

Very soon the total number of dialogs dramatically increased up to enormous values. And this is a theme of my next article!


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